Elbasan Thermal Water

The physical and chemical water composition of Elbasan is very special compared with the effects of the composition of thermal waters and other resources as them of Peshkopi, Fushë Kruja, Leskovik or Përmet. Elbasan waters belong to the group of sulfur - mineralized water medium gaseous with weak radioactivity. Thermal Centre ILIRIA is built precisely over these water source. So it is highly recommended frequency of these natural resources with a wonderful effect on health in direct contact with nature.

Water and Thermal Bath

Elbasan Thermal Bath waters are a marvel of nature with irreplaceable therapeutic features in other ways. Baths can be held for 10 to 15 minutes every day to stay.

MIneral Mud Therapy

Thermal mud therapy is a natural way in fighting rheumatic diseases and chronic orthopedic. Mud is applied at temperatures 45 ° - 48 ° C for 10-20 minutes each day. 


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General Informations

Illyria is a Thermal Curative Center in Elbasan and it offers a combination of services such as those of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant but also provides thermal treatments including various therapies with Natural Thermal Waters and Mineral Mud, physiotherapy sessions and Massage Therapy . The center offers all its services with therapeutic character under the doctor's control, care and recommendation.