Mineral Mud Therapy

A thermal mud therapy is effective with it when meddling with thermal water and applied over the body temperature of 38-40 ° C for 10 minutes . Due the temperature, the skin expands pores and adsorbs all active principles . Clay acting on the skin ( physically ) being inserted deep into pores and develops therapeutic effects through mineral substances . The mix of mud or clay minerals with thermal water in the hot condition and constitutes anti-inflammatory  analgesic ( painkiller ) very good mud therapy relaxes muscles and revitalize body functions often reaching improve the pathological situations . But that clay have proper effect to be applied by experts who know best the whole process . On the other hand it is also very important a suitable working place, when after different stages and after a certain time body have to be quickly washed in the shower ( 10 min ) for the immediate removal and cleaning of mud minerals from the skin.

Therapeutic effects 

Thermal mud has a very positive role in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, especially when accompanied by Steam Cave process. Also this therapy is considered very valuable for those people who suffer from osteoporosis. But all therapies with clay minerals should be exercised under control or doctor's recommendation. It requires a medical visit and a special care of heart patients. 

Clay and skin

Thermal mud develops a very special curative effect on the skin in all cases of infections or similar problems. It acts as a true skin ANTI BACTERIAL but also relax it. Mud in contact wet and nourishes skin with active principles making it softer and more polished especially the face with more vivid colors and revitalize also eliminating acne or black spots. Clay minerals also affects the hair because it eliminates dandruff, strengthens hair roots and gives them more shiny.


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General Informations

Illyria is a Thermal Curative Center in Elbasan and it offers a combination of services such as those of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant but also provides thermal treatments including various therapies with Natural Thermal Waters and Mineral Mud, physiotherapy sessions and Massage Therapy . The center offers all its services with therapeutic character under the doctor's control, care and recommendation.