Physiotherapy sessions

The next stage is that of physio therapy which applies to customers who have a doctor's recommendation to treat pathologies of the muscular nature, the tendons or column. Doctors of Illyria Curative Center coordinate demands of their job with those of base doctors who guide patients to specific therapies with rehabilitative or physiotherapeutic character.

Sessions are intense and they are organized and conducted by qualified staff. Our commitment is to provide qualified assistance that meets the demands of customers who attend our structure thereby creating a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation but over all health benefit of the client. 

Massage Therapy sessions

Relaxation massage with oils stimulates the venous and lymphatic system, increases arterial activity and reduces muscular atrophy. Massage therapy serves to address many concerns and health problems. Massage oil, special creams or other products, through friction and pressure control, "invites" more relax to body and mind. Many of this therapy is also available for those who practice sports. 


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General Informations

Illyria is a Thermal Curative Center in Elbasan and it offers a combination of services such as those of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant but also provides thermal treatments including various therapies with Natural Thermal Waters and Mineral Mud, physiotherapy sessions and Massage Therapy . The center offers all its services with therapeutic character under the doctor's control, care and recommendation.