Llixha of Elbasan 

Elbasan Thermal Waters are a marvel of nature with irreplaceable therapeutic features in other ways. Baths can be developed for 10 to 15 minutes every day of staying.

The effects 

Diseases that are treated in a spa are various from chronic rheumatism, arthrosis, neurites and polineurites, arteritis, endoarteritis, skin infections like psoriasis, eczema and chronic urticaria. 

Physical and chemical properties of the thermal waters ( Llixha EL )

Smell: like rotten eggs 
Taste — Metalic 
Color — Translucent and dark  PH: 6.85 H2S: 380.8 mg/liter 
Content in 1 liter IONES Na+K 783.526 mg/liter
General mineralization gr/I5.982
Ca 611.320 mg/litër 
Mg 188.480 mg/litër 
Electrical conductivity 6_8 mild 
Fe trace mg/litër 
NH4 3.300 mg/litër 
HCO3 644.600,  Bi 2056.000
SO4 1646.000,  NO 5.950 
NO2 0.056, J 1.280 , Br 2.800


Llixha Elbasan,

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General Informations

Illyria is a Thermal Curative Center in Elbasan and it offers a combination of services such as those of Hotel, Bar and Restaurant but also provides thermal treatments including various therapies with Natural Thermal Waters and Mineral Mud, physiotherapy sessions and Massage Therapy . The center offers all its services with therapeutic character under the doctor's control, care and recommendation.